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"Are you certain you can read it without tearing it or wrinkling it or-"

"Yes, Spy."

"I mean it," Spy said, giving Soldier a hard side-eyeing. "There will be dire consequences if you damage that magazine in any way."

"...all right."

Soldier sat on the floor in front of Spy's bed and Spy sat on the bed behind her, a box of curlers by her side. She leaned over to her night table and plucked the copy of Playboy off it, handing it down to Soldier. She kept a careful eye on her.


Soldier was skimming over an article on stereo equipment. Which had not a word to say about women or sex or anything beyond how to get your jazz records to sound their smoothest.

Spy smugged. Players indeed.


"Monsieur Rouge is the trickiest," Spy explained. "He is harder because he uses these same tricks himself." Spy thought for a moment, twisting a hair pin in her mouth as if her were her cigarette. "The Sniper is as well, come to think of it. He used to be a Spy too."

"Yes, he told me that," Soldier said. Spy scowled at that. Luckily, Soldier couldn't see.

"So what do you do about them?" Soldier asked. She was looking at the centerfold. Spy thought it was both cute and sexy, but it was clear Soldier wasn't sold on it yet.

"Keep my distance mostly. Monsieur Rouge and I do not usually see much of each other anyway," Spy said. She rolled another chunk of Soldier's hair around one of her rollers. Such a great color. And she kept it under a helmet all day. Le sigh. "The Sniper... he and I are not on good terms right now, so I am avoiding him mostly."

"That tactic doesn't sound that it gets us very far."

"I did not say I was not still playing with him," Spy said, cheeky. She smirked. "I am just not giving him a chance to play back."


"I guess this isn't so bad."

"Not a word about marriage or children or cleaning."

Soldier snorted.


"What about their Engineer?"

"You do not need to do anything at all for him," Spy laughed. "He will do it for you."


"When can I take these out?"

"Come back here tomorrow morning and I will take them out."

Soldier groaned.

"I will know if you tampered with them..." Spy warned. "And do not wake me up before nine."
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