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Sid had done well today. Depending on how you looked at it anyway. He'd only managed to kill her twice, which was pathetic comparatively. But he had managed to kill her twice, which was fantastic for him. And he'd spent more of his time than not building machines too.

Because Spy had kept destroying them, honhon.

He was picking up the tail end of the RED's who were heading in for the showers. She was cloaked, stalking up on him as if he were the slowest gazelle in a herd. She grabbed him by his overall straps and pulled him back, making him start for a moment before he realized what was happening.

Spy chuckled predatorily and moved in to remind him of just why he was so tired and worn out right now. And to heavily imply that she was gonna wear him out some more.

"Naw, Miss Spy. Not right now," he said in a tone that belied how little other parts of him agreed with the words coming out of his mouth. The disgust with himself at the moment won the internal struggle though. "'M all sweaty 'n I stink t'high heaven," he said, holding her at a distance so she wouldn't get her suit all gross with him.

It was true. He was drenched with sweat from hauling his machine builds around in the glaring sun. The grimy layer of dust and dirt and gunpowder residue that came with working in a desert and dodging shrapnel all day was disrupted where he'd wiped sweat out of his eyes moments earlier. He had blood on him too, some of it hers. He smelled awful.

"I like when you smell like work," Spy said, defiant. She twisted out of his grip on her shoulders and threw her arms around his, kissing him before he could object any further.

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