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Dear Marceau,

Absolutely not! Surely there is something you can do? Dissuade her? Bar her from it from BLU's side? She cannot just walk in here on a visit! This is not a resort or a night at the Club!

Merde. Thank you for the warning.

As to your question, non, the Engineer is old news. He tossed me out once I turned thirty, and then proceeded to pick a fight with apparently everyone else except the other Engineer, so non, he is busy making an ass of himself and we are not a "item" anymore.

Speaking of Engineers, though, thank you again for all your hard work. I won't lie and say it was exactly enjoyable to see the old goat again, but it was worthwhile and I had missed him. He looks to be in much better health these days and I had to try very hard not to resent that he couldn't fix himself and still be here for me to work off of. And that he is thinking about re-enlisting, but almost certainly could not be reassigned here, given that RED team already has an Engineer, however little he deserves the title. I am going to be happy for him though. He is going to make some industrious, persistent Spy very happy.

To the point, I am thinking of making a career of this. I knew I said I was only going to do it until my contract expires and my obligation is cleared, but that was before. Mother was at least right in that I couldn't rely on men forever if I didn't marry (or rather stay married to) one, and it's not like I've got a lot to offer them otherwise anymore. But I'm, at the least, a passable Spy. And I could always get better.

I've lost my focus of the last year in trying to get the Engineer up to par. I am not going to think about him anymore. Just keep his machines non-operational and his person non-alive. And that goes for the others too. Beyond that though... I am largely dissatisfied with my training. Much of it is useless here in Camp Civility. The RED Sniper would be of some help, as he was actually a Spy for the majority of his very long career, but only if I can get him to like me again. Although I think my behavior in the last year or so has been very good, even by his no-fun standards. I wasn't involved in the fiasco with the flaming baseballs at least.

Honestly! I do not see why there are not more resources for this sort of thing. The Club had the Bunny Handbook, the training program, merits and demerits. Plenty of things to seek out if you wanted to be the best. Spying is a lot more involved than serving drinks, and yet there's nothing except trying to, what, stab more cleverly?

If you could do me the favor, can you try and see if there are any books about pickpocketing? And also look into BLU's visitation rules? There are almost certainly restrictions on people visiting, if not in general, for people with my particular arrangement. Perhaps there is a limit, in which case you could visit instead to keep her from doing so? I'd much rather see you than her.

Votre bichette,
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