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Things were going rather dismally, but it looked like the tide was about to turn. Spy came out of the respawn room to see Medic with a full charge tailing after Pyro, the both of them barrleing down the corridor. That was, until Pyro suddenly exploded in a burst of blood and gibs, his backblast just barely mistimed to reflect a rocket. Medic backed up, knowing the enemy Soldier was approaching, and scanned quickly for another pocket.

"Medic!" Spy called.

Medic turned and, after a split-second of checking for better options and finding none, turned the beam on her. It would be the second coming of the UberSpy!

Yes, it would be glorious! Spy dashed in front, ready to defend her team and avenge her Pyro. Revolver at the ready, the two of them gauged when Soldier would turn the corner. The barrel of Soldier's rocket launcher appeared. Medic activated the Charge.

"Schnell!" he half-ordered half-cheered. Spy ran at Soldier, firing shots at him.

However, Soldier's American pride prohibited him from running from a woman, much less a Frog, Ubercharged or not. Heedless of the shots he was taking, he charged at her, yelling some indistinct warcry. They collided and Soldier threw her over his shoulder and kept running, knocking Medic down as he shoved past.

"What- non! Put me down!" Spy shouted. Soldier's jangly run jerked her around, so she could little more than pound her fists ineffectually on his back. "Medic, do something!" she yelled back.

Medic got to his feet and abandoned the Medigun for the Syringe Gun, firing an arc of needles at them. As many of them hit Spy as did Soldier, but he seemed not to notice. Laughing gruffly at his impromptu tactic, he ran further into BLU's base with his terribly embarrassed hostage over shoulder.

It was all fun and games until Spy started trying to shoot him in his feet.

Nearly to the intel room by then, he dropped her like a sack of potatoes. Spy barely had time to flinch before she caught a face full of shotgun fire. She did, however, see Medic coming up behind Soldier, Ubersaw in hand.

Unfortunately, Medic appeared in the respawn room with her.

"Well, this was a disappointment," she understated.

Medic did not have anything to say to that. Nothing nice anyway.

The announcement of Soldier's death a second later, however, made a meager consolation.

Pyro, it seemed, had avenged them.
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