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Type asked me to give her a prompt and I told her I would do so if she gave me one. She wanted something about ties. Well, here you go. "Tie" will cease to sound like a word in 3... 2... 1...

When it came to plain and factual scores, Bonnie proved only just above average at best when it came to Spying for all the effort she put into it. That she was quickest at applying sappers was what gave her an edge on those recruits who didn't take to any particular part of the curriculum thus far. The Spies training them were disappointed that their trainees could not learn so quickly which they'd either had years of experience in or simply came naturally to them.

But then, they'd only been able to teach the bare essentials thus far. Today, the recruits' uniforms were finally finished. Uniforms meant they would work with the cloaking devices and disguise kits.

It was quite a step up from their prison garb. Their suits were fitted so as to prevent their clothes from poking through the disguises or brushing people when they were cloaked. Additionally, the cloaking devices were finicky about textures, as they were unable to cover complex ones, so only certain fabrics could be used to make them. Smooth silks, leathers for the shoes, and synthetic fabrics for the masks and gloves. All in all, it meant a lot of handcraft put into lavish materials at extreme expense.

Bonnie, sullen as she was at the idea of dressing in such a masculine way, was happy to receive hers. She was somewhat dismayed to find that recruit uniforms were gray, as she was quite tired of the color by now. The fabrics and tailoring were familiar though; soft and made exactly for her like she was used to.

Her roommate, however, was flummoxed by the tie. She stood by the door to their room, fully dressed, save for the dark gray tie she was knotting and unknotting around her neck in ways that made Bonnie cringe. She would try one crude knot, mutter some curses in Italian, then yank it undone and try another.

Finished lacing her shiny new wingtips, Bonnie finally took the woman's tie in hand.

"Kate, please. You are going to twist it out of shape at this rate," she said, amused. With that, she looped it around into a Windsor knot for her.

"Grazie," Kate said, harrumphing at the offending piece of neckwear. She buttoned her vest and then her jacket.

"Not at all," Bonnie said. She opened the door and the two of them went out into the common area. Much to her immediate surprise, none of the men seemed to know how to tie a tie either. And they were all quite surprised to find the two ladies in the group had theirs tied perfectly.

For all her grousing about wearing a man's suit, Bonnie was very comfortable with ties. They had been a part of her school uniform as a girl and when she had come to be a Bunny, a bow tie was part of the uniform there too. Most of the other recruits had not gone to private school like she had though. And they had certainly not been Bunnies.

"Who tied your tie?" Red demanded so much as asked.

"I did," Bonnie scoffed.

"She did," Kate said.

The men all stared.

"Tie mine, s'il vous plaît," Clyde asked finally, a little embarrassed to ask but otherwise bemused that she knew this skill.

"Oui, oui, come here," she said. He stood before her, cigarette jutting upward from his vague smile, and watched as she turned the hanging tails of fabric dangling from his collar into a presentable necktie.

"I don't see why we even need to wear a tie," Floyd grumped at his in his hand, not quite ready to ask Bonnie to tie it for him. "Lot of fancy dress just to run around in a bloody desert."

"It is to keep the collar of the shirt tucked in close so it doesn't show through the disguises," Red said, getting in line behind Clyde and placing his tie in the correct pre-tying position around his neck.

"Yeah," John said, filing in behind Red. "And to keep the mask from riding up. Now quit'cher bitchin' and get in line."

As it turned out, the Spies had a running bet to see which of the recruits came in with their ties tied incorrectly or not at all, and therefore none won anything.

Within the week, all of the recruits knew not only how to tie their ties, but also how to tie them in a number of different knots. It soon became a game they played in the morning, meeting in the common room for the daily race to see who could tie their tie fastest.

Since she had experience at it, Bonnie always came in first.


"It was tied with a Windsor knot. Bond mistrusted anyone who tied his tie with a Windsor knot. It showed too much vanity. It was often the mark of a cad." -From Russia With Love

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