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Dear Docteur,

My apologies for not having written. It has been very busy here. You heard correctly that many people have left. Our team is very small now, just Scout, myself, Medic and Engineer. We have had to devote more time to coming up with plans to make up for it. And there's a lot of little things that need doing. But I am still here. You know I could not leave even if I wanted to.

Things have been pleasant as far as the base itself though. Everyone is behaving. Even Scout.

As for the new Medic, I have not really spoken to him much outside of strategy meetings, to be honest. When we are able to leave the spawn room, we do not often cross paths. He seems competent, as much as he is able to be, on the field and we have not had any off-hour injuries to test his skills there. However, from having gone to greet him at the train, I get the feeling he does not quite have your bedside manner. He is not standoffish exactly, but he lacks your warmth.

Also, his mouth is full of pointy shark teeth. I do not even.

Hopefully your Nanette will be able to recreate the sweater for Toby, but if she cannot not, I can arrange to have another sent out to you. And thank you for the confections. Did you make them yourself? They are quite nice to have after work. I hope you are enjoying France. It might be a little snowy this time of year, but I think that should be a relief after so long in the desert. I see you are becoming more fluent as well.

You are very sorely missed here, but it is good for people to be outside, I think.


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