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Dear Department of Employee Placement,

I do not mean to be a pest as I am sure there are many other bases facing shortages on employees. However, we are severely understaffed at ours, such that we find we are unable to do our jobs.

We are trying, of course, but with such a bad combination of classes to work with (our team consists of myself, a Scout, a Medic, and an Engineer) we are forced to spend much of our time during battle hours simply trying to outsmart the RED's gathered at our door long enough to even make it outside. We are running out of tricks, honestly, and they usually only work once or twice anyway. We are not giving up, by any means, but morale is low and we are accomplishing nothing.

We need offensive classes most of all, but we will take anyone you have to spare. I mean that with no reservation. I do not care if they are crazy as long as they can operate a weapon.

Is that Soldier who was here when I was first deployed still employed? Can you send him?

Respectfully yours,

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