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May I speak with you when you get a moment, Monsieur Medic? It's not a matter of urgency and I understand you are currently "entertaining", but I would like to see you sometime soon.

I will be paying you a visit soon as well, Ingénieur.


A note, left on RED Engineer's bedside table... )
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Good morning, my fellow BLU's.

Consider, if you will, our situation for a moment.

We are down two men to the RED's (Yes, two. Seems they have a Demoman now, lucky pricks). Of the positions we have unfilled on our team, two are in our defensive classes which leaves Ingénieur all on his lonesome. If that weren't enough, half of our team is comprised of new and inexperienced recruits. We are at a grave disadvantage.

Really though, I don't think we've done all we can to make it as easy as possible for the RED's to ruin our shit. Perhaps we should shoot ourselves in the feet before we leave respawn? Or maybe forsake firearms altogether and fight melee only? Don't misunderstand me! Not being familiar enough with each other to know if one of us was a potential rapist or not? That was truly inspired. It will be hard to top indeed.

I have faith, though, that if we put our minds to it and work out a strategy, we can do it!

All sarcasm aside, I do not particularly give a shit about the politics of the war. However, it would be nice not to have to come in from the battlefield to find dissension in the ranks because Monsieur Rouge is exploiting our vulnerabilities for his own amusement. At the very least, I think we ought to know each other well enough to be able to say without any hesitation that, no, our Sniper will not corner and molest us in the control room and if he is attempting to do so then, no, he's probably not our Sniper.

I propose we spend an evening getting better acquainted. And that we Spycheck the fuck out of each other beforehand.

Ingénieur, please say you have coffee brewed.

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