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It has come to my attention that both of the Engineers are planning to leave. How coincidental that their contracts expire so closely together, no? And they were just going to slink out of here silently, never to be seen again.

Non, I think we have enough notice to arrange them a proper party. We so rarely have social events anymore and I am sure we all will miss them very much.

Perhaps a shopping trip is in order?

Re: Dress

Jul. 11th, 2010 12:41 am
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Whichever of you gave me that dress, thank you. It is lovely and you have impeccable taste. If I do not wear it for a while, though, it is only because I am waiting for the shoes I ordered to go with it. I should think the only pair I have here would not do it justice.

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May I speak with you when you get a moment, Monsieur Medic? It's not a matter of urgency and I understand you are currently "entertaining", but I would like to see you sometime soon.

I will be paying you a visit soon as well, Ingénieur.


A note, left on RED Engineer's bedside table... )
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Just for future reference, my fellow BLU's: Soldier does not make for the best welcoming party. I had rather hoped my first team would greet me a little more pleasantly.

But then, it was early so I forgive you. Had I the choice, I wouldn't have been up at that hour either if Soldier is the only other person awake.

I am your new Spy, obviously. Once I've had my coffee, I will be more amiable. I promise.

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