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Monsieur Pyro,

Perhaps you could assist me with a... project of sorts, please?

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I saw this in one of my magazines, Monsieur Pyro, and thought you might like it. Even if you do not smoke, it is still rather novel and I'm sure a man of your talents will put it to good use.

It occurs to me that I do not know you very well and therefore would not be able to think of a more personal gift for you. We should remedy that, hmm? The invitation goes for you as well, Monsieur Heavy. I think we BLU's all know the importance of familiarity, oui? Least of all, it gives one the ability to select nice Christmas gifts.

On a not at all nor in any way related note, perhaps I might borrow both you and your axe sometime soon, Monsieur Pyro?

Also, Scout, my copy has come in, so I assume yours has as well. The articles are all marked to hell, but the pictures got out of HQ's censoring unscathed.

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Just for future reference, my fellow BLU's: Soldier does not make for the best welcoming party. I had rather hoped my first team would greet me a little more pleasantly.

But then, it was early so I forgive you. Had I the choice, I wouldn't have been up at that hour either if Soldier is the only other person awake.

I am your new Spy, obviously. Once I've had my coffee, I will be more amiable. I promise.


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